I am a PhD student in the School of Computing at the University of Leeds. My general research interests are machine learning, computer vision and bio-inspired computing applied to medical imaging. Specifically, I am interested in Bayesian deep learning for computing uncertainties to detect confident fails in medical image classification.

My supervisors are Andy Bulpitt, and David Hogg.

During the 2017-2019 academic years, I have assisted the following undergraduate modules:

  • COMP1711 Procedural Programming (C)
  • COMP2011 Web Application Development (Python with Flask)
  • COMP1921 Programming Project (C and Java)

And in the Spring term of 2020 am currently assisting with:

  • COMP5623 Artificial Intelligence (Python with PyTorch)

I have been an author for RealPython, and a certified Software Carpentries instructor for workshops on subjects including Python programming for data science, machine learning and computer vision.

I am on LinkedIn for general professional / networking contact, occasionally on GitHub or BitBucket although most of my work there is in private repositories (sorry, I’m working on changing that), and an extremely sporadic contributor on StackOverflow.

The best way to reach me directly is via email at ysbecca at gmail dot com or r.s.stone at leeds.ac.uk. For academic contact, please see my Faculty of Engineering profile.